How We Work

At YHC we use a wide range of state-of-the-art innovations to
encourage wounds to heal as quickly as possible, and help put an
end to the pain and suffering they cause patients.

Surgical Therapy for Complex Pelvic Pressure Injuries: A Review of Outcomes for Five Consecutive Years and a Proposal for a Navigator in the Care Pathway

Welcome to YHC and Preventive Healthcare

The purpose of this blog is to share knowledge and experience content for individuals interested in the prevention and management of wound care related issues. Experts will discuss important topics in the field

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Under Pressure: A Medical Podcast

This week’s episode we were joined by Dr. Oluwatobi Yerokun, MD. He talks with us about his experience treating varying wounds and the ways that social determinants can impact the length of time

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Prevention + Wound Care = Quality

June 28, 2023 Tobi Yerokun MD, MPH, CWSP   “As a wound care provider, I want to eventually put myself out of business”.  That’s the first thing I told my future employer when

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For Better or Worse, ChatGPT Is Here to Play

Jeffrey S. Upperman, MD, FACS, and Patrick Meyers, MD July 10, 2023 10 MIN READ Note: The preparation of this article was supported by artificial intelligence (AI), highlighting the collaborative potential between human

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Nuanced technology is critical to success in value-based care

Published by Health Data Management  Link: Fred Bazzoli Editor in Chief This article is part of the July 2023 COVERstory. Value-based care has been promoted as a reimbursement methodology that gets the wide

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