Current Perspectives on Pressure Injuries in Persons with Dark Skin Tones from the National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel

Joyce Black, PhD, RN, FAAN; Jill Cox, PhD, RN, APN-C, CWOCN, FAAN; Virginia Capasso, PhD, CNP, CNS, CWS, FAAN; Donna Z. Bliss, PhD, RN, FAAN; Barbara Delmore, PhD, RN, CWCN, MAPWCA, IIWCC, FAAN; Vignesh Iyer, MS; Jacqueline Massaro, MSN, RN, CWOCN; Cassendra Munro, PhD, RN, CNOR; Joyce Pittman, PhD, RN, ANP-BC, FNP-BC, CWOCN, FAAN; and …

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Hot Topics and Innovations in Limb Salvage

This video was published on the Wound Care Learning Network The link is provided here: In this session, panelists discuss: Recommendations about the initial wound assessment process that prompts a referral to a wound care center Perspectives about challenging issues commonly seen in patients with complex wounds Common pitfalls in limb salvage Insights about …

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Nuanced technology is critical to success in value-based care

Published by Health Data Management  Link: Fred Bazzoli Editor in Chief This article is part of the July 2023 COVERstory. Value-based care has been promoted as a reimbursement methodology that gets the wide spectrum of healthcare industry participants rowing in the same direction, aligning incentives in a way that negates the adversarial relationship inherent in …

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Early Skin Temperature Characteristics of the Kennedy Lesion (Kennedy Terminal Ulcer)

Link for the full article: Karen Lou Kennedy-Evans, RN, FNP, APRN-BC1; Deanna Vargo, BSN, RN, CWS, FACCWS, CWOCN2; Leslie Ritter, PhD, RN3; Diane Adams, BSN, RN, CWCN4; Suzanne Koerner, BSN, RN, CWOCN4; Ellen Duell, APRN, CWOCN, ACNS-BC5 Abstract BACKGROUND: Pressure injuries are associated with skin temperature changes, but little is known about skin temperature …

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Hot Topics and Innovations in Limb Salvage Tobi YerokunPrevention Is Key Our team helps hospitals and post acute care facilities reduce preventable injuries. Our consultants are wound specialists and prevention experts helping to improve the quality of life for your patients.

For Better or Worse, ChatGPT Is Here to Play

Jeffrey S. Upperman, MD, FACS, and Patrick Meyers, MD July 10, 2023 10 MIN READ Note: The preparation of this article was supported by artificial intelligence (AI), highlighting the collaborative potential between human experts and AI technology. OpenAI has created ChatGPT, a powerful language model designed to enhance communication and facilitate information exchange in today’s …

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2023 NSI National Health Care Retention & RN Staffing Report

Published by: NSI Nursing Solutions, Inc. Full report at Executive Summary Recruiting and retaining quality staff remains the top healthcare issue. Last year, hospitals were able to recapture 5.65% of the talent lost during the “Great Resignation”, essentially adding 975,000 employees back to the rolls. Of this, 142,375 RNs returned which represents a 4.17% …

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Prevention + Wound Care = Quality

June 28, 2023 Tobi Yerokun MD, MPH, CWSP   “As a wound care provider, I want to eventually put myself out of business”.  That’s the first thing I told my future employer when taking my first job as a medical director of wound care and hyperbaric medicine center.  I got the job so it didn’t …

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Pressure Ulcers in the United States’ Inpatient Population From 2008 to 2012: Results of a Retrospective Nationwide Study

Surgical Therapy for Complex Pelvic Pressure Injuries: A Review of Outcomes for Five Consecutive Years and a Proposal for a Navigator in the Care Pathway

Abstract Pressure ulcers are common, increase patient morbidity and mortality, and costly for patients, their families, and the health care system. A retrospective study was conducted to evaluate the impact of pressure ulcers on short-term outcomes in United States inpatient populations and to identify patient characteristics associated with having 1 or more pressure ulcers. The …

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Under Pressure: A Medical Podcast


This week’s episode we were joined by Dr. Oluwatobi Yerokun, MD. He talks with us about his experience treating varying wounds and the ways that social determinants can impact the length of time it takes to heal. The information stated on the podcast is for educational purposes only and does not substitute for professional medical …

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